School Anthem

1.  We hail our Holy Rosary college  Citadel of learning for girls’ education
We are trained to push afar frontiers of darkness;
That’s our way to serve mankind

Alma mater (x3) you are the fount of discipline
We vow to serve humanity this is our pledge to
Christ our saviour.


2. From the banks of Onitsha Niger River
In February 1935
Our Holy Rosary College was founded
We hail Rosary Sisters the founders


3. We salute our early gallant soldiers
Rev.Srs . Haverin,Brady  and O’Connell
They did all they could to lay a good foundation
Of what we enjoy today.


4. We the student of Holy Rosary college
Pledge to mirror virtues of Blessed Mary
We shall strive with steadfastness for all Nigerians
Bound with freedom, peace and unity.