About Holy Rosary College Enugu

HRC is a catholic institution committed to the holistic formation of women who would take a prophetic stance in every sphere of life. Thus, they become relevant to the society and a beacon for others. The special principles that form the spring board for achieving this is the motto of this school:- Love, Discipline  and Excellence. Thus, making HRC a centre for Moral and Academic Excellence.


The aims and objectives set by the National Policy of Education and the Catholic National Policy of Education are upheld. In addition, HRC specifically has the following thrusts:-

  1. The primary aim of the education given to the young female adolescents is: (1) To reproduce them, God fearing, honest, simple, mature, decent, loving, assertive and disciplined mothers of tomorrow in the image of our Blessed Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ, our Savior.
  2. To prepare them for their future careers and vocation trough the subjects taught and various disciplinary measures inculcated to them.
  3. To pursue the spirit of hard work, respects, justice, truth and fair play, self reliance excellence and other acceptable norms culture and values of the society.
  4. To identify and responsibly control the negative peer/societal pressure and habits that undermine the student’s ability to achieve the set educational objectives.
  5. To produce ladies with self-esteem who practically live and not just exist in the society.
  6. Present models of academic and moral excellence